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Endorsed by World Champion, Bob Avila

Bob Avlia World Champion 

Bob Avila is considered the premier horsemen in the world today. Here is a quick look at his career.

As of January 13, 2015. Bob has received many more awards since 2015.

Lifetime Earnings:

  • NRCHA - $381,339.94
  • NRCHA - $1,113,022.09
  • Accomplishments and Awards:
  • NRCHA HALL Of Fame,
  • NRCHA Million Dallar Rider,
  • NRCHA Futurity Champion,
  • Multiple AQHA World Reserve Titles,
  • Worlds Greatest Horsemen- 2000 and 2007,
  • AAHA Professional Horseman of the Year.

Just prior to Bob winning the Worlds Greatest Horseman in 2007, I learned that he had been a loyal customer for many years. Bob Avila says that it's all about "feel" and Traditional Rawhide Braiders' romal reins have the "feel" that he prefers best. He also reported that our Romals are the longest lasting the he has ever used. Bob still shows and trains with Traditional Rawhide Braiders Romals. 

Traditional Rawhide Braiders makes Romals from Calf,Cow,Bull,Goat, and Llama Rawhide. Besides manufacturing romals, we also offer romals by Juan Orttiz, Jose Ortiz, and Ben Seville. Bob Avila`s favorite is our Goat hide Romals. He won the 2007 show with TRB`s 30 plait 110" 60 button pattern Goat hide romal. We are honored and give special thanks to Bob Avila for his endorsements as well as being a valued customer.

Traditional Rawhide Braiders double treats every set of romal reins before it is sold. we treat our reins with our exclusive Rawhide Life. This is 100% natural treatment is made in South America from a formula that is over 100 years old.

*If you ever want to see a great collection of Vintage Romal Reins, Check out the Luis Ortega collection at the Cowboy Hall Of Fame in Oklahoma City, Ok. Many of the romals in this collection are about 50-60 years old. Most of this collection is made from Cow Rawhide. Ortega was known for his skills and braiding Cow hide romals. He was the Best ever at doing this. The best collection of romals in South America can be found at Hacienda Mamacona just outside of Lima,Peru.This collection is the best that I have personally seen. Some romals in this collection are said to have taken over one year to braid. This collection is on display at the National Horse facilities in Mamacona, Peru. Many of these romals on display are over 200 years old. My favorite in this collection is around 300 years old. 
Double Braided

This is an example of one of my favorite Romals that is located in the collection at Hacienda Mamacona, Peru.  Know as the Double Braid - 200 years old.